At Home Bodyweight Workout

With everything going on in the world right now is coronavirus  more people than ever are working out at home. Now more than ever it’s important and essential to take care of your Fitness and nutritional goals! So we begin with our very first Rush Fit Gear at home body weight workout series Created by Our 7x Certified  certified head trainer & owner Nathanael Rush.  These workouts will offer different levels of difficulties to allow anyone at any level to get a great workout! SO LET’S CRUSH THESE WORKOUTS! 

 * And remember drop a comment below after the workout and let’s us know how it went!

Decline Reptile Push-Up

Will begin with a declined reptile shop.  Will begin and push a position with your feet elevated as high as you’d like. As you go down into the push-up you will  Drive your knee simultaneously towards your elbow. 

 Sets  Reps Rest 
1 12 60 sec
2 10 60 sec
3 8 60 sec